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We are a jewelry business based in Kuwait and founded in 2018. We’re passionate about designing signature gold pieces for the modern woman to enjoy wearing wherever she goes. Because we understand the needs of the woman who is always on the go, from work to the gym and the sacred weekend coffee dates, our pieces are designed to be simple, practical, and are light-weight with an edge of European flair.

Our designs are inspired by the feminine energy that is delicate, emotional, creative, connected, and expressive. Our love for jewelry making embody designs that nurture women’s inherent affinity towards their jewelry. From symbols inspired by playful elements in nature to the all-time favorite Hamsa Hand, our pieces are here to give every woman a unique personality edge.

Crafting 18k gold is at the heart of what we do. We want every woman to enjoy wearing delicate pieces that will give her the confidence to celebrate every beautiful occasion.


We are inspired by simplicity to design minimalistic and elegant pieces with a European flair. We also love listening to personal stories about what jewelry means to our customers to fuel our innate passion for creativity, charm and craftsmanship. We believe that every woman has a beautiful story to tell, & our collections are designed to inspire her to share her unique voice with the world.
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What makes Gold so unique?

An ancient human discovery that is centuries old, gold was symbolic with money, wealth and beauty in many civilizations including Egypt, Persia and the Aztecs of South America. So when you pick out gold, you’re essentially choosing a timeless piece of beauty, vibrating with the charm of an ancient history. If you love simplicity and elegance, our beautiful designs are made lightweight and are attainable for you and every woman to enjoy. Browse through our latest collection or ask us for assistance.
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